We have been working closely with the Archaeological Conservancy to purchase the site of Fort Parker, the first Crow Indian Agency, for preservation and education. See our work on Fort Parker under “Projects” above. If you would like to contribute to this important preservation project, you can donate online at https://donate.archaeologicalconservancy.org/  Choose Fort Parker on the drop down menu next to “Designation” and all of your contribution will go towards this project. Thank you for your support!

107th Club  Visit
The Crow 107th Cultural Committee visit to the site of Fort Parker in 2012.

The members of The Extreme History Project are currently working on three  projects related to Fort Parker, a book documenting the history of the place, an oral history project with Crow descendants from Fort Parker, and a documentary that showcases the history of Fort Parker and the legacy it has left with Crow tribal members today.

Currently, and in the future, the site of Fort Parker will be utilized to educate the public about the reservation time period.